WOO Sports

WOO 101

A quick introduction to the WOO. Get setup, go ride, and log your first session. 

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Riding with the WOO

When you’re ready to ride, here are the steps to recording a session with the WOO. 

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Getting Started

Setting up your WOO step-by-step. Place your mount, download the app, activate your account, charge your WOO, and pair your sensor to your account. 

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Recording a Session

Once you’ve recorded a session, it’s time to post the session on WOO Kite. Here’s how to download the session and post it to your profile. 

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Pro Tips!

Beyond posting a session, here are a few other things to know about WOO, including battery life, removing a WOO mount, storing your WOO, and keeping your firmware up to date.

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