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WOO Sports began in 2013 by developing a game for kiteboarders, where riders would compete based on how high they boosted off the water. The platform now has grown to be the industry standard for measuring Height in Kiteboarding. Kiteboarding competitions have adopted the WOO as a way to judge big air events and Red Bull uses the sensor in their annual King of the Air in Cape Town, South Africa to log every rider’s session during the event. As of right now, we've developed games for multiple action sports which can be accessed by getting your hands on our gaming console: The WOO

At WOO Sports, we live and breath action sports. Kiteboarding, wakeboarding, snowboarding and skiing are an incredible way to experience mindfulness and flow in the natural world. These sports create healthy, happy people and communities that share a common passion. Yet when we see how technology and games are shaping the way we spend our free time, too many experiences involve being head down on your phone or sunk in the couch, disconnected from the world. WOO Sports is all about reimagining the way we use technology to make our favorite sports more fun and engaging.

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At WOO Sports, we’re down to earth people. We are passionate kiteboarders and action sports athletes that share a common vision. We are a bunch of hardcore engineers and professionals – some might call us nerds – with lots of “left brain” degrees and skills, but at the core of it, we are a “right brain” company. Things like low prices, widespread distribution, obnoxious marketing or “good-enough” quality don’t resonate with us. Instead, we live and breathe authenticity, honesty, emotion, creativity, joy and great product. That doesn’t mean that we won’t screw up, but rest assured that we pour our passion into making you, our customers, happy. We hope that the fun, passion, adrenaline and flow we experience when we go kiteboarding, skiing, snowboarding, you name it, transpires through our product. In the end, this is what WOO Sports is built on, and this is what all of us feed on day in and day out.

Left to Right: Arlin, Ytzen, Eric, Leo, Tyler


WOO 2.0 is an interactive game with trick detection technology for wakeboarding, kiteboarding, snowboarding and skiing.  The WOO is loaded with artificial intelligence, the WOO 2.0 sensor captures and scores your kicker and wake hits and air tricks in a revolutionary new way.  A machine learning system identifies the trick performed, and scores it based on its difficulty, how big you went, and how well you landed it.  S-Bend, Tantrum to blind or a massive frontside 1080 - the WOO Tricktionary captures it all.  The WOO 2.0 sensor itself is shockproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and easy to use. After a session, the sensor is paired with the rider’s phone or tablet via Bluetooth to see their session details and share it with the community riders.  Challenge yourself, earn badges for your achievements, see how you stack up against your buddies at your spot, lake or local cable park, and challenge riders worldwide on the WOO leaderboards.  

It’s like Tony Hawk skateboarding for the real world!

WOO 2.0 is perfect for developing the fundamental skills in a young wakeboader, and progress them through the WOO Tricktionary trick by trick. The game helps them stay engaged with the sport and build their confidence to progress. For the more experienced riders, WOO is a new way to push their riding and make every session count. Increase your Session Score by taking your tricks a little bigger, landing smoother, and mastering more difficult variations of a trick. The game rewards the riders that can do a trick switch and regular, toeside and heelside, and backside and frontside. We bring all the addictive elements of a video game into the real world, to win at WOO you have to ride.  

Essentially, we have three components: The WOO is our gaming console, The WOO Sports App is our gaming monitor, and you (the user) are the gaming controller!

- our gaming console


Long battery life (8 hours / 1200+ jumps)

Records relative position to determine jump height, airtime, landing force, trick performed, and landing quality.

Wirelessly synchronize WOO to your phone or tablet on the go

Designed to take a beating and keep recording

Completely sealed to protect against damage

The device contacts hold up to repeated contact with water



- our gaming monitor

Recognizes and scores tricks in the Tricktionary

Jump height, airtime, landing g-force & landing quality

Get a high score on a specific trick variation, and try to complete the WOO Tricktionary. WOO will detect regular vs. switch, heelside vs. toeside, and frontside vs. backside tricks!

Every jump from every session is recorded to help you track your Riding over time. See your riding progress as you log new tricks and boost your scores!

Challenge your friends around the world to keep the competitive vibes flowing every day of the week. Follow friends and track all their session to see how they’re keeping up!

Check the leaderboards to see where you stand: King of your local spot?
National leader on a specific trick? Best rider in your groups of friends?
Where will you claim the top-spot!?