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How to record a session with WOO

  1. Power on your WOO by pressing and holding the button until the light starts flashing green. Green is stand-by mode, ready to connect to your phone or begin recording.

  2. You can check which Mode the WOO is on by looking at the pattern the LED of the WOO emits. You can check out the LED-patterns HERE.

  3. To begin recording a session, tap the button and the light will switch from green to flashing red quickly. 

  4. To end a session, tap the button again, and the WOO will return to blinking green slowly. 

  5. To turn off your WOO, press and hold the button until the green light turns off. 


  • If your battery runs low while recording, the WOO will automatically shut itself down. Don't worry, your session up to that point is all saved and will be ready for download once your WOO is recharged. 

  • If your battery runs low in between sessions, don't worry, all your data is saved. Just recharge the device and connect with your phone to download your sessions.

  • The WOO will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity in stand-by.

  • To check your battery life, turn on your WOO, open the WOO Kite App, and go to the "My WOO" screen. Your battery level will be shown once your WOO is paired.

For more information also visit docs.woosports.com