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The WOO Guide to Landing Scores

Videos, Team RidersArlin Ladue

There's stomped and there's STOMPED! With WOO, you can see exactly how hard you land every jump with the Landing G-Force metric.

Here's a breakdown of three different riding styles with Sam Medysk, Nick Jacobse and Ruben Lente, showcasing the landing impacts from each. (FYI - Ruben's last clip from the 2015 Red Bull King of the AIr is the highest we've ever recorded on the platform!)

Explore with WOO Kite

VideosArlin Ladue

Explore is a fun way to discover kite spots on the WOO Kite App. For your next windy afternoon or on an upcoming holiday in a new area, zoom around on the interactive map to see popular spots, recent sessions, and the all-time best jumps by visitors. Track your journey by recording a session at every location along the way! Available for free on the WOO Kite App for iOS.

WOO Tips Video Series

VideosArlin Ladue

We've created a new set of videos explaining the key steps to getting up and riding with a WOO. The five videos live under "Training & Support" -> "WOO Tips Videos". Great for customers wanting to learn more about the WOO or employees that need to understand the platform in a few minutes! 

Nick & Leo introduce WOO to Sweden, Denmark and Norway! [Danish]

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Let’s find out who’s boosting the highest in Sweden, Norway and Denmark! To our friends in the north, you can now purchase WOO’s directly from http://shop.woosports.com/eu/ in your native currency.

Earlier this month, the King of the Air pros tore up the Africa leaderboards. Now we're on to Europe this spring, where riders from Sweden, Norway and Denmark can start posting sessions with the WOO. Currently Europe’s leaderboards are wide open - let’s see what you’ve got, EU!

WOO's are now shipping direct to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Thanks for the walkthrough, Leo & Nick!