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Introducing the new WOO Mount

Arlin Ladue

Shops - first off, thanks so much for joining us for our first season with WOO. With your help, kiters from all over the world have logged 20,000+ WOO sessions in 93 countries. It’s been amazing to see sessions rolling in every day on the WOO Kite App!

We understand that you've had issues this season with WOO warranties. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. To address the issue, today we are happy to announce a redesigned WOO Mount that alleviates many of the warranty symptoms we've experienced. This new black mount uses two bands to secure the sensor onto a base plate, adding an extra level of protection to the sensor and protecting the mount from accidentally being knocked off while riding. All new WOO orders starting today will include the new mount.

Today we are beginning to ship new mounts to help you serve your customers. These units can be provided to your existing customers that request a replacement or swapped into existing WOO Kits in your inventory.

Above: The new mount uses two straps to secure the sensor!

Above: The new mount uses two straps to secure the sensor!

Important Facts about the New Mount:

#1 - The new black mount replaces the original blue mount. We want everyone riding on WOO to be using only the black mount from now on. We are providing free new mounts to any current customer or shop looking to replace old mounts.

#2 - The best way to remove an old mount is by heating it with a hair dryer/heat gun for ~60 sec and peeling the mount off using a butter knife. Alternatively, you can use a serrated knife to cut through the adhesive on the bottom of the mount (blade parallel with the board).

#3 - Current customers will be informed by email about the new mount, with the option to either visit their local shop for a replacement, or to contact WOO directly to get a new mount shipped to them.

Thanks so much for your support, loyalty, and WOO stoke you have shared with your communities! - WOO H.Q.