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WOO SNOW on its way!

Tyler Scholl

Love to play games, but bummed about being stuck on your couch? Swap your Playstation for a WOO and play the game of Snowboarding in the real world!

"It's like 1080 Snowboarding for the real world!"

WOO Snow is bringing the game to the mountains! Score every session, battle friends, and push your riding this season. Who's ready to play?

Get notified for launch: https://woosports.com/snow
Updates at http://facebook.com/woosnowsports & http://instagram.com/woosports

Teaser Video: Youtube - Facebook


Introducing WOOvie Editor for Mac

Arlin Ladue

We all love watching kite edits, but sitting down to create one can be a huge mission. Your WOO tracks every jump during your session, so what if you could use that information to automatically edit out the best jumps from your videos? Now you can!

Today we’re stoked to announce WOOvie for Mac is available for free to all our riders. Using a WOO and any video camera, you can quickly take hours of footage and cut it down to a highlight reel of your best jumps.

WOOvie:  What You Need to Know

  • WOOvie is a Mac program and requires OS X 10.11 or higher
  • WOOvie syncs ANY video regardless of camera: GoPro, DSLR, Drone, Vidi, iPhone, etc.
  • WOOvie cuts out the crap and leaves you with your jump clips
  • WOOvie offers 3 different overlays to choose from

How WOOvie Works:

With WOOvie, you can quickly and easily cut your video, highlighting your best jumps and overlaying your WOO stats. To film a WOOvie, start by filming the moment you turn on the WOO to Record Mode (blinking red) – this becomes your sync point that lines everything up. After that, go and have your session worry-free.  You can start and stop the camera as many times as you want no problem.

Once back at your computer, pop in the memory card and log in to WOOvie Editor. Select the video clips and your which session you want to use for the edit, and then confirm the alignment using the starting point plus a couple jumps during the session.  From there, WOOvie will sync everything and automatically cut your video into your jump clips.  You can choose which jumps you’d like to include, change the order, select an overlay and export your WOOvie video!

Start to finish you can edit your video footage and export your WOOvie in under 5 minutes.  It’s that simple and that’s the point!

Download WOOvie today!

Add #woovie to your posts to get featured by WOO!

We're back to measure the biggest boosts at the Red Bull King of the Air 2016

sally Berold

For the second year in a row, WOO will be the Official Measurement Tool for Red Bull King of The Air and will be used to keep the crowd up-to-date with how high the kiteboarders are boosting . WOO has been taking the kite world by storm over the past season, feeding everyone's passion to boost higher and challenge their friends around the world.

The key ingredient to the excitement around WOO is the gaming features on the WOO Kite App; kiters can climb the Global Leaderboards, or battle it out against their friends on the Local Leaderboards. It’s a ferocious battle that can happen anywhere and anytime, unbound of the constraints of location and time, turning kiteboarding into what can best be described as a big, online game. WOO will be releasing a very exciting Challenge feature to the WOO Kite App this year.

Spectators at the Red Bull King of the Air will be able to download the free WOO Kite App on Android and iOS and view, comment and share the results rolling in as the riders get off the water.