WOO Sports


Embed Any Leaderboard

#1 - Find a Leaderboard to Embed
Navigate to the game you'd like to embed a leaderboard from through  leaderboards.woosports.com, tweak the leaderboard filters to set up the leaderboard you want and copy the URL of the leaderboard.

#2 - Create the Embed Code
To create your own code, edit the following code:

<iframe src="Your URL goes Here" width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="1"></iframe>

Change the link in the src to match your copied URL and add 'embed?' before the name of the sport, e.g.: https://leaderboards.woosports.com/embed?kite/bigair

Set the width and height of the iframe. Recommended width is 300px or larger, recommended height is 400px or larger.

#3 - Add Embed Code to Website
Insert the custom code into the HTML of your website or blog post.



Fully Custom Leaderboard

NEW: Have a screen at your shop, and want to have a Leaderboard cycle through one or more categories (e.g. Men & Women, Shop Contest) without you having to touch a button? How about with your own Title and Background? It’s perfect to keep your visitors up-to-date on the latest activity and help sell more WOOs in your shop!

If you want a Fully Custom Leaderboard, we require the following to be supplied by you:

  • Title: e.g. Red Bull Megaloop Challenge
  • Tabs & URL's to the Leaderboard(s): e.g.
    • Men (https://leaderboards.woosports.com/kite/bigair?mt=height&sd=1508976000&ed=1509062400&ge=male)
    • Women (https://leaderboards.woosports.com/kite/bigair?mt=height&sd=1508976000&ed=1509062400&ge=female)
  • Live Mode: Yes / No. Live leaderboards cycle through the various tabs (thus leaderboards). Default values:
    • Cycle time (time a leaderboard is visible before going to the next tab): 30 seconds
    • Empty Cycle time (time a leaderboard without riders is shown): 5 seconds
  • Autoscroll: Yes / No. When autoscroll is enabled, the leaderboard will automatically start scrolling down after a set time. Default values:
    • Start autoscroll after: 10 seconds
    • Scroll interval: 5 seconds
    • Scroll amount: 1 rider
  • Background (Optional): please provide a 2880x1800px .jpg file if you want to have a custom background.
  • Partners (Optional): e.g. Red Bull logo, please provide these logo(s) with a height of 40px and in .png, also a URL can be linked to the logo.
  • Event Info (Optional): some basic text information regarding the event (optional).

Whether it’s a tv-screen in your shop, monitor at your local club, or display at your event, simply show the link provided and the custom leaderboard will do the rest!  Please note these leaderboards may take 3 weeks to complete, so plan ahead if you are using these for a special event! Contact your local sales rep or  support@woosports.com and we'll get you set up.